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Hooray for Applique!

Yesterday I made a round tablecloth and today I will show you how to add some appliqued details.
Sticking with the 4th of July theme, I’ll be adding some fireworks using the natural canvas we printed the Outside Oslo line on.
You’ll need a chunk of fabric and a chunk of Wunder Under big enough to draw [...]

Round Tablecloth

I don’t think Jess had the 4th of July in mind when she designed this fabric, but when I went hunting for a holiday theme this one took on a dynamite feel. I used the natural canvas used for printing Outside Osle for the accents. Find both here.

I’ll be listing out the instructions today for [...]

T-Shirt Dress

We recently made a bunch of little girl dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World at our monthly Friday Night Sewcial and I soooo wish I had thought of this idea earlier! I find this method to be quick, cheap and oh-so-cute. Give it a try if you have little girls in your [...]

20 Minute Hat

I’ve been working on ideas to play with for our new serger class and knew I wanted to upcycle some thrifted sweaters. I love thrifted sweaters.
My first venture was this hat. It was super easy. Just cut, fit and serge. I’m sure you could do this with a regular machine and stay tape, but the [...]

Basic Chair Upholstery

This is the easiest type of upholstery you can do and anyone can do it!  I’m guessing a ton of you already have, but here’s a few little tips that might help.
1. Most chairs like this have a removable piece of wood that is screwed into the bottom of the chair.  This means you only [...]

Ugly Chair Rehab

Here’s a chair that everyone has had or at least recognizes, right?

My bf has had it for a million years and wasn’t too keen on my idea to junk it.  He loves its comfort and portability and I have to admit, he’s right.  People always go right to it and can easily last a [...]

How to Make Wide Fabric Panels

When you want to make a duvet cover or curtain panels that need to be wider than your fabric, here is a technique for matching the fabric image, so it looks continuous.
It’s (not surprisingly) pretty detailed, so make sure you have plenty of time.
1. Measure carefully and check your math to figure out how much [...]

Fabric as Wall Art

I think a lot of you guys are already turned on to this idea, but it’s one of my favorite things to do – use fabric as art.  To me, it is art.  No two ways about it.  And, so affordable!
For this piece I used a panel fabric by Marimekko, but you can use just [...]

Easy Unique Lampshades

So, these shades hang over the cutting table in the shop and I’ve been asked about them many times.  This was just one of those random ideas I woke up with clearly in my head and they came together so easily.  Rare but great feeling!
Here’s what I did . . .
Find shades.  I bought the [...]

Mod Podge Hard Coat

So, I’m kind of addicted to this stuff.  Owning a fabric store makes it hard not to want to cover everything in fabric and this stuff has made it even easier.  I’ll probably just keep going until my boyfriend starts complaining.
Here’s a little tutorial on how I did these oatmeal cans.

Peel paper off of can [...]