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Photo Wall

I’m not sure why this occurred to me today when it’s really dark at 9am (because of the weather), but I thought I’d show off one of the more attention grabbing pieces in my apartment.
This is the longest wall in my dining room.

I’ve been hanging pictures of the musicians I love for as long as [...]


We just received some new oilcloths in the shop, which always leads to questions about what to do with it! Shop them here.

In addition to the obvious table cloths, oilcloth is actually pretty versatile. It’s not too hard to sew – I use a size 11 needle and a longer stitch, so I don’t [...]

Chair Collector

Anyone else collect chairs? I’ve gotten pretty picky, but still some days I just can’t resist. I’ve had this chair floating around my house – unsittable – for at least a year or so. I kept thinking I would use something interesting to re-cane it, but it still wouldn’t match anything.

Meanwhile, on the other side [...]

20 Minute Hat

I’ve been working on ideas to play with for our new serger class and knew I wanted to upcycle some thrifted sweaters. I love thrifted sweaters.
My first venture was this hat. It was super easy. Just cut, fit and serge. I’m sure you could do this with a regular machine and stay tape, but the [...]

The Almighty Zipper Foot

Everyone who’s taken our classes knows that we prefer a certain kind of zipper foot, but for anyone else possibly struggling with theirs . . .
Does is look like this?
I’m still not sure why they started making a foot like this, as it is so wide at the top that it kind of defeats the [...]

Little Rug Big Rug

So, here’s a totally random idea . . .
I have a big living room.  A while back I was hunting for a giant rug to help cozy up the wood floors – which I love.
As we all know, the bigger the rug, the bigger the price tag and the thought of spending upwards of [...]

Ugly Chair Rehab

Here’s a chair that everyone has had or at least recognizes, right?

My bf has had it for a million years and wasn’t too keen on my idea to junk it.  He loves its comfort and portability and I have to admit, he’s right.  People always go right to it and can easily last a [...]

To flatter or to fake.

I’m not really trying to have a ‘personal’ blog here, but there’s something under my skin that I thought I’d bounce off of you guys. It seems to keep coming up.
Fakes. Copying someone else’s work for gain.
On one hand, it comes with being an artist of any kind. Quite innocently we pick up ideas from [...]

Fabric as Wall Art

I think a lot of you guys are already turned on to this idea, but it’s one of my favorite things to do – use fabric as art.  To me, it is art.  No two ways about it.  And, so affordable!
For this piece I used a panel fabric by Marimekko, but you can use just [...]

Plants vs Curtains (or both)

I grew up in a house in the woods and we had no curtains – zero.  When I started sewing as a kid I don’t think I even registered what curtains were and certainly never thought of making them.
Now that I live in the big city AND own a fabric store, I’m a pretty big [...]