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Sewing Machine Recommendations

For obvious reasons, we get asked for advice on buying sewing machines – a lot!
I’ve been recommending Kenmores for years as I’m still using the one I received for my 16th birthday – 25 years ago! It actually has a 25 year warranty on it, so I’m expecting it to go any day now. :)
Actually, [...]

Anna Maria Horner – Field Study

TNS love for Anna Maria Horner’s latest collection – Field Study.

Meez Meals

I have to give a shout out to my latest Chicago love – Meez Meals.
Since starting a business my ability to cook for myself has kind of gone out the window. I was not much of a cook to begin with, but over time I’ve regressed back to pb&j levels.
Needless to say, this has not [...]

Raglan Sleeve Top Class – 6/30

I wanted to put a little reminder out into the world about our Raglan Sleeve Top class (sign up here). We’ve been teaching it for quite some time now and there are a few reasons why.
It’s cute. It has sleeves (and even sleeve length options). It’s simple to make – even for a brand new [...]

No Surprise

I’m embarrassed but not very surprised to admit that I’m the worst blogger ever.
Being good friends with one Jessica Jones is an up close lesson in how to run a successful blog and rule #1 is consistency. Not a strength of mine.
That said, I am still an idea machine and my potential blog post list [...]


We just received some new oilcloths in the shop, which always leads to questions about what to do with it! Shop them here.

In addition to the obvious table cloths, oilcloth is actually pretty versatile. It’s not too hard to sew – I use a size 11 needle and a longer stitch, so I don’t [...]

New Book Recommendation

This ‘bible’ of sewing tips (shop on Etsy) could likely take a lifetime to read, but it just might be worth it. Every time I open it I find something new and interesting. Just goes to show – you can never know everything about sewing!
Examples (slightly edited by me):

#22. I find that a wide, flat [...]

Grandma’s Hands

I recently unearthed this odd little pin cushion that was passed down to me by my mom. I know it was in my house growing up, but it might have been my grandmother’s as well. I love it. You don’t see too many old non-tomato pin cushions and while this might have a slight voodoo [...]

The Almighty Zipper Foot

Everyone who’s taken our classes knows that we prefer a certain kind of zipper foot, but for anyone else possibly struggling with theirs . . .
Does is look like this?
I’m still not sure why they started making a foot like this, as it is so wide at the top that it kind of defeats the [...]

Hand Made Modern – Todd Oldham

I’ll admit that Todd Oldham has a special place in my heart.  He’s a texan and we’ve stomped a lot of the same grounds.  Most importantly though, he’s one of the few big designers who really believes in DIY.
I’m a big fan of his book Hand Made Modern – it’s packed with cool ideas, instruction [...]