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Archive for October, 2010

Plants vs Curtains (or both)

I grew up in a house in the woods and we had no curtains – zero.  When I started sewing as a kid I don’t think I even registered what curtains were and certainly never thought of making them.
Now that I live in the big city AND own a fabric store, I’m a pretty big [...]

Easy Unique Lampshades

So, these shades hang over the cutting table in the shop and I’ve been asked about them many times.  This was just one of those random ideas I woke up with clearly in my head and they came together so easily.  Rare but great feeling!
Here’s what I did . . .
Find shades.  I bought the [...]

Shoe Fashion : Past or Present?

So, fashion goes in about 20 year cycles, right?  I started wearing tie dye in ‘89 and we know that wasn’t the first time around and I predict it will be back again soon.
Now that I’m about to turn 40, I’ve been watching the youngsters wearing the stuff I wore in junior high for the [...]

Mod Podge Hard Coat

So, I’m kind of addicted to this stuff.  Owning a fabric store makes it hard not to want to cover everything in fabric and this stuff has made it even easier.  I’ll probably just keep going until my boyfriend starts complaining.
Here’s a little tutorial on how I did these oatmeal cans.

Peel paper off of can [...]

Whip Up

Ok, I’ll admit I’m pretty out of the loop sometimes.  I’m not looking for tutorials, I’m making them, right?
I would love to have more resources at the ready though and when my friend said to me at lunch today, “you don’t know about Whip Up?!”, I went immediately to check it out.

So, if you’re a [...]