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Archive for November, 2010

How to Make Wide Fabric Panels

When you want to make a duvet cover or curtain panels that need to be wider than your fabric, here is a technique for matching the fabric image, so it looks continuous.
It’s (not surprisingly) pretty detailed, so make sure you have plenty of time.
1. Measure carefully and check your math to figure out how much [...]

Fabric as Wall Art

I think a lot of you guys are already turned on to this idea, but it’s one of my favorite things to do – use fabric as art.  To me, it is art.  No two ways about it.  And, so affordable!
For this piece I used a panel fabric by Marimekko, but you can use just [...]

Hand Made Modern – Todd Oldham

I’ll admit that Todd Oldham has a special place in my heart.  He’s a texan and we’ve stomped a lot of the same grounds.  Most importantly though, he’s one of the few big designers who really believes in DIY.
I’m a big fan of his book Hand Made Modern – it’s packed with cool ideas, instruction [...]