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Archive for February, 2011

Chair Collector

Anyone else collect chairs? I’ve gotten pretty picky, but still some days I just can’t resist. I’ve had this chair floating around my house – unsittable – for at least a year or so. I kept thinking I would use something interesting to re-cane it, but it still wouldn’t match anything.

Meanwhile, on the other side [...]

20 Minute Hat

I’ve been working on ideas to play with for our new serger class and knew I wanted to upcycle some thrifted sweaters. I love thrifted sweaters.
My first venture was this hat. It was super easy. Just cut, fit and serge. I’m sure you could do this with a regular machine and stay tape, but the [...]

Grandma’s Hands

I recently unearthed this odd little pin cushion that was passed down to me by my mom. I know it was in my house growing up, but it might have been my grandmother’s as well. I love it. You don’t see too many old non-tomato pin cushions and while this might have a slight voodoo [...]

The Almighty Zipper Foot

Everyone who’s taken our classes knows that we prefer a certain kind of zipper foot, but for anyone else possibly struggling with theirs . . .
Does is look like this?
I’m still not sure why they started making a foot like this, as it is so wide at the top that it kind of defeats the [...]