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Archive for April, 2011

Ripping Fabric

So, I fell down the internet rabbit hole last night and ended up on this Flickr page (made private since post) discussing how we rip our fabric at the shop. I’ve always meant to put a sign on our door about it, but today is the day!

I’m starting to wonder if this is a quilt [...]

Piles and Piles.

We had a great time making bibs and burp cloths at our last sewcial for the women involved in the Heartland Alliance Refugee Health Program. Hannah, one of our students, is heading up the program and we were thrilled to help out.
There wasn’t a lot of expertise going around as to the sizes of ‘baby [...]

New Book Recommendation

This ‘bible’ of sewing tips (shop on Etsy) could likely take a lifetime to read, but it just might be worth it. Every time I open it I find something new and interesting. Just goes to show – you can never know everything about sewing!
Examples (slightly edited by me):

#22. I find that a wide, flat [...]