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Archive for June, 2012

Pattern Review: Amy Butler’s Stash and Dash Bags – Scrap fabric gets a second life

Here’s a blog post by one of our teachers – Rachel Larsen. Thanks, Rach!
I’m gonna come right out and say it so no one feels bad thinking it – I’m cheap. Over the years of my sewing career, I’ve become more than a bit obsessed with laying out patterns and projects to maximize the scrap [...]

Raglan Sleeve Top Class – 6/30

I wanted to put a little reminder out into the world about our Raglan Sleeve Top class (sign up here). We’ve been teaching it for quite some time now and there are a few reasons why.
It’s cute. It has sleeves (and even sleeve length options). It’s simple to make – even for a brand new [...]

No Surprise

I’m embarrassed but not very surprised to admit that I’m the worst blogger ever.
Being good friends with one Jessica Jones is an up close lesson in how to run a successful blog and rule #1 is consistency. Not a strength of mine.
That said, I am still an idea machine and my potential blog post list [...]