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Ok, fine.

Well, we’re pretty far away from the new shop being actually finished, but I suppose we’ll open anyway. We can cut fabric, so . . . .
You guys have been incredibly patient, so I’m hoping you’ll also be tolerant of things disheveled and un-cute until a later date. We will have a big party once [...]

Where are my kneepads from highschool volleyball when I need them?

Laying the floor has been an interesting challenge. I’ve done it a couple of times before, but not this particular ‘floating’ style.
I listened to all the research about underlayments, but then wasn’t happy with the uneveness once a good chunk was down, so we scrapped it and started again – ugh.
Today, I’m down to the [...]

Slowly, but surely

We’ve had some road blocks. There’s some core issues with the new space – electrical and plumbing – that have nothing to do with us. They’ve slowed down the process quite a bit, but I’m crossing my fingers they will be resolved soon. I guess I should have calculated more buffer time for this type [...]

Moving Update

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
We are closed today, the 22nd, for the holiday, but will reopen tomorrow for regular hours 11a-7p.
We are having a sale on Saturday in the hopes you guys will help us lighten our load on moving day(s). Enjoy 20% off everything in the store and take this stuff off of our hands! Use [...]

TNS Progess

We’re Moving!

After 7 years in Bucktown, I have decided to pick up our little golden shop and move it down the way – to 3738 N Lincoln!
While we will miss certain aspects of our current location, we just want to be more visible and accessible to you guys. Often enough, people from our own neighborhood will [...]

Our New Website

We just launched our new website – and, what an experience it has been!
First, I’d like to give props to Tony Piscotti and Emily Johnson who designed our original website.
7 years ago I never dreamed how important a website would be for us. Tony and Emily, a web designer and graphic designer/illustrator respectively, offered to [...]

Anna Maria Horner – Field Study

TNS love for Anna Maria Horner’s latest collection – Field Study.

Pattern Review: Amy Butler’s Stash and Dash Bags – Scrap fabric gets a second life

Here’s a blog post by one of our teachers – Rachel Larsen. Thanks, Rach!
I’m gonna come right out and say it so no one feels bad thinking it – I’m cheap. Over the years of my sewing career, I’ve become more than a bit obsessed with laying out patterns and projects to maximize the scrap [...]

Basic Curtains

Sewing a basic unlined curtain is pretty simple, but there’s a surprising amount of things to consider.  I often spend a few days visualizing my curtains – how they’ll look, of course and what purpose they’ll serve.  Even the simplest of curtains can have a huge impact, so it’s helpful to stew on it for [...]